Brett Schwager is a designer, dad and entrepreneur living and working an hour upstream from Portland, Oregon–right where the mighty Columbia cuts through the Cascade Crest. As Co-founder of Mendi, his latest project aims to solve building healthier recovery tools for athletes.
When he's not getting schooled on how to raise two little kids, he enjoys outdoor adventures and a variety of creative pursuits launching brands and developing great products. Formerly as Senior Designer at Seattle's boutique design firm Turnstyle and Creative Director at action-sports brand Slingshot, Brett had garnered leadership experience and hands-on design chops along the way. In 2019, he decided to make the leap from a 'work-for-hire' design consulting model to a 'build-it-faster' investor-backed startup partnership.
Needless to say, Brett is always learning. He's enthusiastic about having the opportunity to apply all his creative experience helping brands grow to building one he'll be a part of for a long time to come.
Brett loves meeting new people and talking shop, so please, don't be shy. Hit him up.
You can find him online here:
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